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Scratch It

101 Movies to See Before You Die

101 iconic movies that all movie buffs must see. Scratch once you have seen. Beneath the foil you will reveal and old school VHS TV cabinet.


Kids Scratch Map

Children love to explore and they love to do! On the right of the map is a key of the animals they can discover around the world. Watch as they eagerly reveal the New Zealand Kiwi.

101 Books to Read Before You Die

101 books that challenge a reader with classics, modern masterpieces and different genres. Scratch off each title once read. Beneath the foil you will reveal a traditional bookcase. Very cool!

kids cratc.PNG

World Scratch Map - Australia Geographic

East Asia Centered World Scratch Map. The detail from the Australian Geographic map is exceptional. Explorers will be able to see scratch off their exact travel routes.

Australia Scratch Map

Highly detailed scratch map of Australia

Travel Scratch Map

This pint-sized scratch map is designed to be taken on a globe trotting journey.

travel scratch.PNG

USA Flag Scratch Map

We have taken a fresh look at USA. Filling each state with its own flag on a back drop of the USA flag. Wow!

Star Scratch Map

This map covers both north and southern hemisphere. Any keen astronomer can scratch off the constellations once they have observed them.


World Scratch Map

America Centered World Scratch Map. This large scratch map uses a beautiful colour palate to make this a true center piece in any house.

Scratch Globe

Using a patented technique we have designed the world's first true Scratch Globe. Available in customizable colours and sizes - this is the most unique product we have designed to date.

scratch globe.PNG
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