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1000 Piece Premium Puzzle

Stunning 1000 piece puzzles. The are the only puzzles that use hot foil stamping on the pieces. Very difficult to master, this design elevates these puzzles to platinum status.

Industiral Design Car Sketch 2
Industiral Design Car Sketch

3D Puzzle 24 Piece

Using depth design these 3D puzzles come to life as they are put together.

Brain Melter Mini

These mini puzzles will leave you perplexed. Good luck many a good man has failed before you!

Open Space Studio
Industiral Design Car Sketch 2

Brain Melter 2.0

Each set has 6 different metal puzzles. Different puzzles in the set have different difficulties. If you can solve them all you are a genius.

Brain Melter Deluxe

12 metal puzzles to really put your problem solving to the test!

Industiral Design Car Sketch 2
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