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Book Lights

The Ultimate Book Light

Utilizing the new SMD LED technology we have managed to squeeze in 6 LEDs. The SMD LEDs also offer 4 dimmer settings. The width of the light gives exceptional coverage, while not disturbing anyone else. Available in both rechargeable and battery.

black RCBL.jpg

The Flexi Book Light

The simplest things are often the best. This dual LED light offers a powerful focused light. The robust design gives this product years of life. Available in both rechargeable and battery.

The Unicorn Book Light

Everyone loves a unicorn. We think book lovers should get the chance to show their magical side! This product uses the same technology from our Flexi Book Light range.


The Wrap Light

4 LEDS and rechargeable. This light is very high quality and very durable. This can be used for almost any activity.

The Amber Book Light

Always looking to bring new innovations to our book light range. This 4 LED light has zero blue light. Blue light boost alertness and is the last thing we need when reading before bed!

The Smart Light

We designed this book light for travelers and people who needed something miniature. It folds flat and built strongly so that it will survive being thrown into a bag. The movable arm allows for easy adjustments and a great reading experience. We also included spare batteries.

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